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Pastor's Newsletter Article for December 2017


Of all the seasons of church year, Advent is my favorite. It is the start of a new church year and is forward looking towards hope, peace, and the coming of Christ. Yet during this Advent season, it is not hard to lose our focus on Christ. From school programs, family gatherings, shopping, and other festive activities this season can go from one of hope to overwhelmed in a short amount of time. Fortunately, it does not have to be this way.

Advent is a season that invites personal devotion and examination as we look forward to Jesus Christ coming into the world. I believe that by keeping our focus on Christ, we do not cave into the pressures and stresses of this season. Instead of this time of year being draining and exhausting, it can turn the season to a time of that fills our spirit and builds us up in our faith.

Personally, for my Advent devotions and Bible reading, I’m a big fan of reading from the Old Testament prophets such as Isaiah and Jeremiah. Their writings speak still speak to us to today and invite from us from that ancient time to hope with Christ in our hearts and our minds. Then several years ago a blogger that I follow, Rachel Held Evans,  posted an article titled “26 Ideas for Advent” In this article, she incorporates five questions that I believe are helpful for us as followers of Christ move into Advent. These questions not only prepare us for Jesus, but they also help us to examine ourselves and help us to grow in faith. Over time, I’ve incorporated these questions into my devotional life and Advent preparation and I’ve included them below to help you stay grounded in this season.

It is my prayer that we grow in our faith and hope that comes from Jesus Christ this season. May Christ’s coming light fill us, sustain us, and remind us that there is hope and life for all people. We are blessed as a people to experience this light and hope every day, not just this season, as followers of Christ.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Travis K. Walker

5 Questions to Ask Yourself…

1.    When I wake up on Christmas morning, how will I be different? How do I hope the meditations and practices of the season will shape me? 

2.    How can I prepare myself, my home, and my family for the arrival of Jesus in a way that nurtures a spirit of anticipation and hope? 

3.    Have I left enough space in the busy holiday season to pay attention, to listen, to wait, and to be surprised? What practical steps can I take to both guard those quiet moments but also embrace divine interruptions? 

4.    Consider the effects of light. It can warm and it can guide, but it can also expose and surprise. What does light in the darkness mean for the world? What does it mean for my life in this season? 

5.    What does it mean to listen to the prophets in this season—not just the prophets of old, but the prophets of today? Who is crying out for justice and peace from the margins, and what will I do to heed their calls? 


110 North Grant Avenue
McClave, CO 81057

ph: 719-829-4963